Rural Development

Educating the Rural India

India’s rural areas have been left behind when compared to the towns or cities in India. One major cause of rural poverty is the inability for children and the farmers in rural areas to obtain basic education. India wishes for Compulsory Primary Education in the recent years, with its challenges of keeping poor children in school and maintaining quality of education in rural areas, has been difficult to achieve. While schools do exist in rural India, many children are not able to attend because they are needed instead to earn money for their families by working in factories or fields. Without a foundation of basic education, these children are trapped in a life of hard labor and sustainable wages.

One of primary mission of TNBRD is to educate the thousands of village children and farmers who grow up illiterate. In addition, motivating the school dropouts due to various reasons by conducting special class and assisting them to continue their studies.
Measures will be taken to ensure direct donations to programs that assist in promoting rural education and literacy.

Model Village School

TNBRD is currently planning a pilot village Model school with a phase by phase approach to provide primary and secondary education using the national school syllabus with special emphasis on:

  • Agriculture Sciences and Environmental protection studies
  • Technology and Sciences
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Extra Co-curricular Activities
  • Sports and Games

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