Successful interventions

Successful interventions

Eliminate labour shortage in paddy cultivation

As paddy is occupied major area under cultivation in Thiruvannamalai district, the farmers facing severe problems of labour shortage to carry out the agriculture activates. By keeping view, the TNBRD implemented paddy cultivation by selecting a group of progressive farmers of Arni and Polur taluks utilizing all the machineries used for paddy cultivation, i.e. starting from drum seeder for sowing, cono weeder for weeding, paddy harvester and thresher. By using of machineries considerably reduced the man power against the different activities in paddy production and the TNBRD also made linkages with the department of Agricultural engineering to the group of farmers to avail all the facilities introduced by the department time to time.

Quality upgradation in banana

To enhance the quality of banana and improve the income of the banana growers, the TNBRD conducted demonstrations on usage of bunch covers in banana in Arni and Polur taluks of Thiruvannamalai district. The results revealed that the quality of bananas were considerably improved i.e. uniform fruit size, free from dots and blemishes and improved colour. As a result, the banana growers obtained 20-30 % increase in market price for their produce. In addition to quality the productivity of banana also increased due to adoption of bunch covering.

A unique Micronutrient formulation for vegetables

The TNBRD acquired the technology of Vegetables special for the benefit of vegetable growers in the district. It is a micronutrient formulation developed at Indian Institute of Horticulture Research (IIHR), Bangalore for combating the deficiency of micro nutrient occurring in vegetable crops. At present the TNBRD established a production unit for the production of vegetable special and it is being supplied to the farmers.

Most of the vegetables growers reported that the spray of vegetable special is found to enhance the yield of vegetables by 10-20 % and it also improves the quality of vegetables resulted in better market price

An alternative livelihood bizz-Mushroom production

with a view to ensure the sustainable income for the rural people, the TNBRD has taken initiative by establishing mushroom production unit at different villages in Thiruvannamalai and Villuppuram district. Inspired by the easy method of production and being exposed to extension interventions made by TNBRD, the beneficiaries have started practicing mushroom production. As a result, it is found that the people can harvest 75 kg mushroom from the unit size of 120 sq.ft in a single cycle and as stated by majority of people that an average income of Rs.12000/- per month obtained from a single unit.

Vermicompost-A soil fertility and yield enhancer

With a view to create awareness on organic agriculture, ensure sustainable income and meet out the own fertilizers requirements, TNBRD established vermicompost production units with a size of 10 x 3 x 3 ft at different villages in Thiruvannamalai district. And it is found that a single unit will yield 7350 kg of compost per year at 50 days intervals thus giving an additional income of Rs. 35000 per year including the sale of vermicompost, vermi worms and vermi wash.